In the next 18 months, Canada is bracing for a wave of mortgage renewals, a situation that could have significant implications for the economy, particularly in regions like Calgary. Over three million Canadians will be impacted, many of whom will face the reality of renewing at higher interest rates. This blog post delves into the potential economic impacts of these renewals, how Calgary's situation may differ, and what homeowners can expect during this challenging period.

The Canadian Economy at a Glance

The large number of mortgages coming up for renewal is not just a concern for individual homeowners but also poses a risk to the broader Canadian economy. As interest rates climb, the increased financial burden on households can lead to reduced consumer spending, which is a key driver of economic growth. This situation is further complicated by the current global economic climate, marked by uncertainty and volatility.

Calgary's Unique Position

Calgary's real estate market has its own set of characteristics that could influence how mortgage renewals impact the region. Historically, Calgary's housing market has been tied closely to the energy sector, leading to more pronounced boom-and-bust cycles compared to other Canadian cities. The current scenario might see a different kind of impact in Calgary, where economic recovery and the job market have shown a unique pattern of resilience and challenges.

Homeowners Facing Higher Interest Rates

For homeowners, renewing a mortgage at a higher interest rate can have several immediate effects:

  1. Increased Monthly Payments: The most obvious impact is the increase in monthly mortgage payments, which can strain household budgets.
  2. Equity Considerations: Higher interest rates can also affect home equity, potentially slowing the rate at which homeowners build equity in their property.
  3. Refinancing Options: Some homeowners might consider refinancing their mortgages, but this comes with its own costs and considerations.
  4. Long-Term Planning: The uncertainty surrounding
  5. interest rates necessitates more careful long-term financial planning for homeowners.

Strategies for Homeowners

Given these challenges, there are strategies thathomeowners can employ:

  • Review Your Finances: Take a close look at your budget and financial plan, considering the potential increase in your mortgage payments.
  • Explore Refinancing Options: Consult with a mortgage professional to understand if refinancing could be beneficial.
  • Consider Variable vs Fixed Rates: Depending on your situation, switching from a variable-rate to a fixed-rate mortgage could offer more stability.


The impending wave of mortgage renewals in Canada, and specifically in Calgary, presents both challenges and opportunities. Homeowners need to be proactive in managing their mortgages and should seek professional advice to navigate these uncertain times. As a Calgary-based real estate expert, I am here to assist you in understanding your options and making informed decisions about your property and mortgage. Feel free to contact me, Michael Newton, at (403) 512-9825 or visit for more insights.



In the bustling neighborhoods of Calgary, where families are the cornerstone of our vibrant community, the art of forgiveness stands as a testament to the strength and depth of our family bonds. As we navigate the complexities of relationships within our homes, the grace of forgiveness can transform challenges into opportunities for deeper understanding and enduring closeness.

The Foundational Role of Forgiveness in Family Life:

Forgiveness is the healing balm for the inevitable scrapes and bruises of familial interactions. It's a commitment to put aside grievances to foster an environment of emotional safety and mutual respect. This nurturing ground allows family members to grow and thrive, secure in the knowledge that their home is a place of unconditional love and acceptance.

Marital Harmony Through the Lens of Forgiveness:

In the partnership of marriage, forgiveness is a shared dance, a give-and-take that requires practice, patience, and a willingness to listen. It's about exploring the layers beneath the surface of disagreements, finding common ground, and embracing the idea that the journey together is one of continual learning and adaptation.

1. **Embrace Vulnerability**: To invite forgiveness into the marriage, partners must be willing to be vulnerable. It means shedding the armor we often wear to protect our egos and allowing our true selves, with all our fears and insecurities, to be seen. This vulnerability is the soil from which trust grows, and trust is the foundation of true forgiveness.

2. **Active Listening**: Active listening in a marriage is about fully focusing on your partner, free from distractions or preparing your rebuttal. It’s about hearing their words and the emotions behind them, understanding their perspective, and acknowledging their feelings as valid, even if they differ from your own.

3. **Empathetic Engagement**: Empathy in a marital context is the bridge that connects two separate worlds. It’s the ability to view the world through your partner's eyes, feel what they feel, and understand their actions within the context of their experiences.

4. **Collaborative Problem-Solving**: This approach to problem-solving in marriage isn't about who wins or loses an argument; it’s about working together towards a solution that benefits the partnership. It’s finding the balance between individual needs and collective goals.

5. **Consistent Reinforcement**: Just as a home needs regular upkeep, so does the practice of forgiveness in marriage. It’s a habit that, when nurtured daily, can become the default response to the inevitable misunderstandings that arise in any relationship.

Sibling Relationships: A Crucible for Compassionate Interaction:

Forgiveness between siblings is a powerful tool for teaching conflict resolution and empathy. These early relationships set the stage for how individuals will interact with the world at large.

1. **Embrace Vulnerability**: Encouraging siblings to express their feelings openly, without fear of ridicule or dismissal, can foster a safe environment for forgiveness. It teaches them that their feelings are important and that they can trust their family members to handle their emotions with care.

2. **Active Listening**: Teaching siblings to listen to each other, to really hear and understand what the other is saying, is crucial. It helps them learn that every perspective is valuable and that understanding each other is the first step toward forgiveness.

3. **Empathetic Engagement**: Empathy among siblings means helping them to step into each other's shoes. It's about guiding them to recognize that each person's feelings and reactions are shaped by their own unique experiences.

4. **Collaborative Problem-Solving**: When siblings work together to solve their disputes, they learn that cooperation yields better results than conflict. It's a valuable lesson in teamwork and the power of combined effort.

5. **Consistent Reinforcement**: Reinforcing the importance of forgiveness through consistent family practices and rituals can instill in children the value of forgiving and moving forward together, stronger than before.


Our homes are more than mere structures; they are the repositories of our deepest connections and the place where the seeds of forgiveness can grow into a beautiful garden of familial love. As a dedicated member of the Calgary community, I understand the power of forgiveness in creating homes that resonate with warmth, understanding, and mutual respect.

If you're moved by the journey of forgiveness and its place within the family, or if you wish to share your insights and experiences, please feel free to reach out. Your stories and reflections are always welcome, and together, we can continue to build a community rooted in the values of compassion and forgiveness. Contact me, Michael Newton, at – let's converse, connect, and cultivate a culture of forgiveness in every Calgary home.

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